Termite Control for New Construction

Termite in the homes can damage the wood, eat up the furniture, destroy the walls, and leave homes damaged to the core. Thus, it is essential to control termites in new construction. Envirocon uses Soil applied liquid termiticides around both sides of the foundation to keep the termites away from the construction. Termite baits are also used in our termite prevention and control program as an added measure. This control is effective and lasts for many years to follow. 

New Construction Termite Treatment

You have spotted your furniture getting rotten and broken from the sides, or the walls are turning brown, this means you are late and the Termites have already entered the property. Then you need new construction termite treatment. Termite control for new construction includes wood treatment, stainless steel mesh, and other barrier treatments. These treatments ensure that termites are cleaned from the core of the construction and they won’t enter the property in the years to come. Termite control treatments are essential to keep the new constructions free from termites.

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termite treatment near me

Pre and Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment

Envirocon offers new construction termite treatment in two phases. These two phases are pre-construction termite treatment and post-construction anti termite treatment. Pre-construction termite treatment is most effective to prevent termites from invading the houses. In this treatment, we treat the soil under the foundation, build a chemical barrier between the ground and brickwork to prevent termites from accessing the house.

Post-construction anti-termite treatment is done after the building is constructed. This involves re-using termiticides to the soil around the foundation and treat the floors inside the home by making holes and filling them with chemicals.

We Provide Effective Termite Control Treatments

Termites infestation can be treated via Soil Treatment and/or the installation of Baiting System – depending on type of surface/ground, stations varies in term of

  • 1. In-Ground
  • 2. In-Concreate
  • 3. Above-Ground

The purpose of these treatment is to create a barrier surrounding the premise/building to prevent any termites from breaching within the proximity area.