The earth beneath your house is an ideal breeding ground for subterranean termites. It offers them just the right humidity, temperature, moisture and food
source. Seldom sleeping or resting, tireless worker termites can detect wood or anything cellulose – feeding on the interior of floor boards, panels and supporting beams- without breaking the surface. Roof frames, beams, window and door frames, cabinets and wooden furniture are likely targets.

Unlike natural disasters, however, your homeowners’ insurance will not cover termite damage. The only effective protection you can get is a quality treatment from pest management professionals.

We Provide Effective Termite Control Treatments

Termites infestation can be treated via Soil Treatment and/or the installation of Baiting System – depending on type of surface/ground, stations varies in term of

  • 1. In-Ground
  • 2. In-Concreate
  • 3. Above-Ground

The purpose of these treatment is to create a barrier surrounding the premise/building to prevent any termites from breaching within the proximity area.