Rats & Rodents Exterminator in Selangor

Rats & Rodents Exterminator in Selangor

The presence of rats and mice is no longer acceptable nor desire. They are adaptable in their habits and are capable to transmit diseases as well as causing extensive damage to commodities and goods in stores. Urine stains and rat droppings are filthy.

Rats need to gnaw on hard materials to wear down their rapidly growing front teeth (incisors). The rats gnawing habit results in gnawed holes and partly chew up pieces of products. Therefore Envirocon will be a suitable rats and rodents exterminator in Selangor to handle such situations. 

Home-invading Pests

A new home has different pests than the old established buildings. These pests can be insects, arthropods, rodents, spiders, mice, and more. New homes can be infested with pests due to holes during construction and they might come in with new packaging and boxes. Thus, not only you but pests also enter your new home. However, it is important to control these pests. New Home construction pest control service by Envirocon applies measures to control pests before they enter your house. We send our team specially trained for pest control for new construction and make sure to provide control and treatment that lasts years.

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Controlling Pests in New Construction

New constructions can be a home to pests just like the old ones. Thus, Envirocon provides pest control for new construction, a control treatment that lasts centuries to follow. We not only remove the existing pests but also make sure that no new types of pests can ever enter during or after the construction phase. Construction Pest Control service is ideal for pest activity during construction, pest activity in fresh construction, and pests of recent or new construction.

Rodent & Rats Control Treatments in Selangor

Rodents include both rats and mice and need control treatments in Selangor. The mode of control will mainly be by rodenticide baiting at strategic positions. However, whenever necessary traps and glue boards will also be deployed. Baiting will only be carried out inside the building premise in view of the poison toxicity to other animals.