Mosquitoes are known as vector for several illnesses such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis. The comparatively fragile insects are poor flyers and very sensitive to wind. The female prefers to lay eggs in stagnant water.

A good management practice include source reduction-eliminating the harborage and breeding areas. Pest management professionals integrate the habitat and cultural control with insecticide.

We Provide Effective Mosquito Control Treatments

The control method includes spraying the periphery and ground areas of the building. Treatment will also be carried out in bin center and other areas found stagnated with water. Fogging will also be carried out in the compound to give a quick knockout of adult mosquitoes.

The objective of the Ultra Low Volume (ULV) or also known as Misting treatment is to distribute broadspectrum insecticide at an equilibrium manner that shall directly in contact with crawling/flying insects.