Which pest control company should I use?
You should use a company that has qualified technical employees. To get to know their competency, you may simply ask them the name of the pesticide they used or how they apply them correctly.
What price should I pay?
Price depends on the type of treatment required and the magnitude of the infestations. Remember, you only get what you pay for, so don’t always choose the cheapest.
Why couldn't I do the job myself?
The professional operators uses professional products and specially designed equipment and has been trained how, when, and where to use what. Each pest has its own specific cure. Professionals are often called in when the homeowner has not succeeded- Pest control is more than spraying chemical!
What should I expect when job's done?
Don’t expect to see a lot of dead insects. What you should expect is not to see live insects. If you do, don’t panic, some treatments need time to work.
How can I be sure that the pest control I get will do the job I want?
Be a discerning customer. Make sure you know what pest you are having your premises treated for and what the product being used will control those pest. Any reliable expert can do this for you, so choose them carefully.
How safe is the pesticide?
Today’s pesticide is continuously developed product through vigorous research and development. They are mild and least toxic to human being, has no adverse and detrimental effect to plants, animals or the building structure. Some pesticide carry certain warning agents such as odor to indicate their present but this odor will have no effect to you.