Pest Control Services in Selangor

Why Manage Pest Problem?

Envirocon Pest Management is a proficient pest control service in Selangor. We have been established since 1996 and are prominent in the field of pest removal and prevention. We believe that most pest play a beneficial role when they are within their natural environment but become a nuisance which will not only annoy us but also possess a threat to our health when they invade our home. Pests are prevalent in our home basically for two reasons, first to seek food and secondly, if the environment is conducive, to secure its shelter.

  • Prevention of Monetary Loss

    The cost of pest control is less than the potential damage caused, compare with the cost of fines or customers walking away.

  • Prevention of Damage

    You will be saved from the inconvenience of expensive repairs, the worry resulting from damage to electrical wiring or other essential services.

  • Pest and Contamination Removal

    Most pest carry bacteria with them and contaminate by fouling and tainting the food that they ate and those in the vicinity.

  • Prevention of Loss of Goodwill

    The damage and fouling by pest of articles for sale renders them unacceptable – reputations and sales suffer.

  • Elimination of Disease Potential

    Disease-borne carrier or vector such as mosquitoes and rats cause in alarming epidemic – dengue fever and plague respectively.

  • Conforming with Legislation

    Heavy fines and bad ‘publicity can result from Health Department litigation.

  • Relief from Fear

    Many people are scared stiffs of pests and the fear of being bitten or just exposed to the pests.

Mission, Vision & Objective

Pest control services selangor


Excelling in corporate synergies and niche. New and creative technologies edge. Value-added services to the customers. Informative and communicative. Rewards to those that excel. Openness and emphatic with the customers. Cultivate innovation. Opportunity at equilibrium. Now or never!

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To be the leading and most preferred organization.

Pest control services selangor


We pledge to prove the customer excellence but cost-efficient services.
We pledge to the employees conducive and challenging career place. We pledge continuous growth and volume to the shareholders. We pledge commitment to an environmentally-friendly practices

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