General Pest Control Services

ENVIROCON Pest Management is one of the leading service providers for general pest control in Malaysia. We are able to achieve this as we are always in continuous consultation with our customers. Not only have we understand their pest control needs but also their businesses requirement.  To further enhance our expertise, ENVIROCON associates and collaborates with researchers, academicians, technology provider and product manufacturers. These efforts signify our firm commitment in providing total and effective pest management solutions.

iStock 000002410882XSmall General Pest ControlENVIROCON General Pest Control Services include termites, rodents, cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes, and other common nuisance pests.

Pest Control – Prevention

Prevention is always the best policy. The best prevention method for pest is to have regular inspections before these pests do any harm to your properties. As part of our commitment towards our customers, ENVIROCON provide periodic inspections. Our teams of Pest Control Professionals are well trained and certified in inspecting properties for any pest activities. If there are pest activities detected, our personnel would perform an immediate eradication.

Pest Control – Treatment

There are various methods for treating or controlling pests. ENVIROCON’s pests eradication methods are determined based on pest types, threat potentials, infestation levels and locations. ENVIROCON Pest Management’s highly skilled pest control professionals use the application of pesticides by way of surface residual spray, crack and crevices application, Thermal Fogging, ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Misting or Cold Fogging, Hormonal Gel Treatments, Baiting and some other techniques and applications when dealing with pest control in Malaysia.

Pest Control – Inspect and Monitor

Upon completing the treatment activities, ENVIROCON’s pest control personnel will inspect, monitor and evaluate the pest control treatment effectiveness. If pests are found, the reason for the continual survival of pests is identified and the location of such harborage sites must be determined. Upon which, ENVIROCON is committed on rendering a follow-up treatment to provide you with a TOTAL Pest Control Service.

Subterranean Termites Protection



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